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As per the U.s. Authority of Economic Analysis, in 2011 Tennessee's true horrible state item was $233.997 billion. In 2003, the for every capita particular pay was $28,641, 36th in the country, and 91% of the national for every capita individual salary of $31,472. In 2004, the average family unit salary was $38,550, 41st in the country, and 87% of the national average of $44,472.

For 2012, the state held an advantage surplus of $533 million, one of just eight states in the country to report a surplus.[59]

Significant yields for the state incorporate materials, cotton, dairy cattle, and electrical force. Tennessee has in excess of 82,000 ranches, about 59 percent of which suit meat cattle.[60] Although cotton was an early product in Tennessee, vast scale development of the fiber did not start until the 1820s with the opening of the area between the Tennessee and Mississippi Rivers. The upper wedge of the Mississippi Delta stretches out into southwestern Tennessee, and it was in this prolific segment that cotton took hold. Soybeans are additionally vigorously planted in West Tennessee, concentrating on the northwest corner of the state.[61]

Real organizations with home office in Tennessee incorporate Fedex, Autozone and International Paper, all situated in Memphis; Pilot Corporation and Regal Entertainment Group, situated in Knoxville; Eastman Chemical Company, situated in Kingsport; the North American central command of Nissan Motor Company, situated in Franklin; Hospital Corporation of America and Caterpillar Financial, situated in Nashville; and Unum, situated in Chattanooga. Tennessee is likewise the area of the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga, a $2 billion polysilicon creation office by Wacker Chemie in Bradley County, and a $1.2 billion polysilicon generation office by Hemlock Semiconductor in Clarksville.

Tennessee is a right to work state, as are a large portion of its Southern neighbors. Unionization has generally been low and keeps on decliing as in the vast majority of the U.s. by and large. As of November 2011, the state had an unemployment rate of 8.4%.[62]


The Tennessee salary charge does not have any significant bearing to compensations and wages, yet most wage from stock, bonds and notes receivable is assessable. All assessable profits and investment which surpass the $1,250 single exception or the $2,500 joint exclusion are assessable at the rate of 6%. The state's deals and utilization expense rate for most things is 9.25%. Nourishment is saddled at a lower rate of 5.25%, however confection, dietary supplements and arranged sustenance are exhausted at the full 7% rate. Nearby deals duties are gathered in many locales, at rates fluctuating from 1.5% to 2.75%, bringing the aggregate deals expense to somewhere around 8.5% and 9.75%, one of the largest amounts in the country. Elusive property is evaluated on the shares of supply of stockholders of any advance organization, venture organization, insurance agency or revenue driven cemetery organizations. The evaluation degree is 40% of the worth increased by the expense rate for the locale. Tennessee forces a legacy assess on decedents' bequests that surpass most extreme single absolution cutoff points ($1,000,000 for passings in 2006 and thereafter).[63]

Broadband Infrastructure[edit]

In light of information discharged by the NITA, starting 2013 just 88.5% of customers in Tennessee had entry to 10mbps broadband associations with roughly 797,000 individuals left underserved, having admittance to just 1 wired provider.[64] However since 2012, 10+ mbps wired broadband scope in Tennessee has enhanced from 86.4% to 88.5%.[65]

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