Tuesday, 12 August 2014

State symbols

State amphibian � Tennessee cave salamander
State bird � Mockingbird
State game bird � Bobwhite quail
State butterfly � Zebra swallowtail
State sport fish � Smallmouth bass
State commercial fish � Channel catfish
State cultivated flower � Iris
State wild flowers � Passion flower & Tennessee echinacea
State insects � Firefly & lady beetle
State agricultural insect � Honeybee
State wild animal � Raccoon
State horse � Tennessee Jogging Horse
State reptile � Eastern box turtle
State tree � Tulip poplar
State evergreen tree � Eastern red cedar
State beverage � Milk
State dance � Square dance
State fruit � Tomato
State fossil � Pterotrigonia (Scabrotrigonia) thoracica
State gem � Tennessee River pearl
State mineral � Agate
State rock � Limestone
State motto � Agriculture & Commerce
State poem � "Oh Tennessee, My Tennessee" by Admiral William Lawrence
State slogan � Tennessee - The united states at its Best
State songs � 7 songs

Main editorial: List of Tennessee state symbols
State symbols, present in Tennessee Code Annotated Title four, Chapter one, Part three, include:

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